Kraft Bunting - Hand Painted Welcome Bunting

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Welcome, Welcome Home, Welcome Back!

Handmade in Scotland, this great "Welcome" bunting would be fantastic to hang if you're planning to welcome someone home from a trip, visitors to a party, guests to a wedding, new recruits to your department, new flatmate to your home, or even to welcome customers to your stall, shop or cafe. The possibilities are endless!

The bunting comprises seven pennants which spell out the word "Welcome", and uses lettering that has been printed onto 100% recycled card and then hand painted. Included is 6ft of natural jute twine to hang the pennants on. Each pennant measures approx 148mm x 105mm (C6) and everything comes packaged in a cello bag ready for gift giving!

This bunting is also available with the wording options 'Welcome Home', and 'Welcome Back' - just choose which wording you'd prefer from the drop down menu when ordering.

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Please remember, this bunting is made from 100% recycled card and so is best used indoors or on dry days. Unfortunately it will not take kindly to getting wet in even just a little rain.

As each strand of bunting is individually handmade, yours may differ very slightly from that shown, but this only serves to make your bunting unique, and is all part of the nature of handmade products.

PERSONALISATION: If you'd like your bunting to spell out something different to the off-the-shelf options (perhaps 'Welcome Back Annie!', 'Welcome Home Dad!', or 'Welcome Class of '85!', or maybe a particular phrase that is personal to the you), please revisit the 'Bunting' section of the shop where you'll find a listing for 'Kraft Bunting - Personalised Hand Painted Bunting - Any Length, Any Wording', and you can specify the exact wording you'd like there!