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Kraft Bunting - Personalised Hand Painted Bunting - Any Length, Any Wording

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Personalised bunting handmade just for you!

Bunting can be great for lots of different occasions - parties, weddings, welcoming people home, saying goodbye, declaring love, wishing congratulations, showing directions, displaying a business name etc. but it's not always easy to find bunting with the perfect wording. Well now it is!

Handmade in Scotland, this great bunting can be personalised to your exact wording requirements! Whether you want it to say 'Love You Schmoopie', or 'Jake's Room', maybe 'Katie's Hen Night', 'Cheerio Max', 'Yummy Cake Stall', 'Emma's Crafts', a couple's name and wedding date (or something as exciting as 'Entrance' or 'Toilets this way'), I can prepare your bunting to say exactly what you'd like!

Details: The bunting will spell out the word / phrase you choose, and will use lettering that has been printed onto 100% recycled card and then hand-painted. Included is a length of natural jute twine to hang the pennants on, and everything comes packaged in a cello bag ready for gift giving!

Order in four simple steps:

STEP 1. Decide on your wording and work out the number of letters in the word or phrase you'd like (don't include spaces). If you are unsure how many pennants it will require, please just get in touch and I'll confirm. When working this out, please note:

All letters and numbers require one pennant each.

Punctuation marks: apostrophes, commas and full stops are included with the previous letter and don't require a pennant of their own. All other punctuation marks will require a separate pennant (e.g. exclamation marks, question marks, ampersands etc.)

Symbols: I can also include the either a red love heart, a yellow star, or a balloon (in red, yellow, blue, green, pink or white) all of which require one pennant each.

(If your bunting requires more than 40 pennants, please get in touch to confirm and arrange).

STEP 2. Purchase the personalised bunting listing for the correct number of pennants you require.

STEP 3. Leave a note of the exact wording / symbols you'd like in the 'Personalised Bunting Wording' box, be sure to include any required punctuation, and check spellings and dates! Please remember the bunting will be printed in capital letters (as shown in the photograph).

STEP 4. Sit back and wait for your bunting to arrive!

* * * * * * * * * *

Please remember, this bunting is made from 100% recycled card and so is best used indoors or on dry days. Unfortunately it will not take kindly to getting wet in even just a little rain.

As each strand of bunting is individually handmade, yours may differ very slightly from that shown, but this only serves to make your bunting unique, and is all part of the nature of handmade products.