Notebook - Aeroplane A5 Travel Notebook

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Going on a gap year? A road trip? Or the holiday of a lifetime?

Write down all your adventures in this great spiral bound notebook. It's perfect for jotting down dates, times and locations, sticking in photos, rail tickets, and souvenirs, and keeping a note of the contact details of all the amazing folks you'll meet along the way. Write down your memories now, and in years to come you can revisit your awesome trip again and again!

The notebook is A5 sized, and contains approx 160 pages (80 leaves) of lined paper. The covers are solid (hardback for durability), and it features a hand drawn plastic aeroplane in a choice of colours - red, pink, orange, blue, green or purple. Just choose which you'd prefer from the drop down menu when you purchase.

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As the embellishments on each notebook are individually handmade, yours may differ very slightly from that shown, but this only serves to make your notebook unique, and is all part of the nature of handmade products.