Dear Postie, You're Rawrsome! 30 Dinosaur Postie Appreciation Thank You Stickers

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Dear Postie... You're Rawrsome!

Thank the Posties, and make your happy mail even cuter with these Rawrsome Postie Appreciation stickers!

These fun packaging stickers feature my original cute dinosaur character (you may have noticed him around on a few of my other cards and gifts!), and they're great for decorating snail mail envelopes, and for letting the Posties all along the mailing route know how much they're appreciated.

This sticker pack includes 30 copies of the same sticker, which reads: 'Dear Postie, You're... Rawrsome! Thank you for delivering this happy mail!' The stickers come grouped on several small strips and can be easily stored inside wallets or journals and then removed for use. They are printed on quality waterproof gloss adhesive paper so they'll reach their destination looking great, even if they happen to get caught in a downpour on the way!

These cute dinosaur waterproof stickers are ideal for adding a little cheer to snail mail for a pen pal, or the perfect finishing touch to customer packaging for small businesses. Thank the deliverer of that big birthday gift and make them smile!