Personalised Teacher Reward Sticker Sheet - Custom Teacher Stickers

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Hey teachers, let your students know exactly how well they're doing this school year with these great personalised teacher stickers!

Encouragement is key, so let them know they're doing a great job, making good progress, or really improving.

These fun, bright stickers are personalised with your name, and feature a variety of inspirational and encouraging words e.g. 'Mr Taylor says Great Work!' or 'Mrs Khan says Proud of You!'. Add them to workbooks, test scores, homework or classwork - they're great for students of all ages.

This sticker sheet includes 21 stickers, each with your name and a different message. The stickers come grouped on a small approximately 3.8 inches by 5.4 inches (139 x 98mm) sheet and can be easily stored inside folders, desk drawers, or teaching packs then removed for use. They are printed on quality waterproof gloss adhesive paper and are sturdy and durable for the classroom / school bag setting.

These colourful teacher stickers are ideal for adding a little cheer to a student's day, or the perfect finishing touch to a pupil's homework. Let them know you've noticed how hard they've been trying, and boost their confidence!smile!